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"You and your family are survivors. You survived the old world, you survived each other. Now I'm asking you to survive once again. We need to rebuild the world or we will be part of it's ruins. Yes, cities, communities, pretzels, laughs. We need a city to be citizens. We need houses to belong."

Before the Beginning is a game of scavengers and their families struggling to build a city in a post-apocalyptic world. You will face moral challenges and dangers of all sorts: witches, doomsday religious cults, cyborgs, mutants... everything to build a home, to belong somewhere. Once the city is built, you can finally rest. Until there, there's no room for cowards.

To build the city you must manage not just your character sheet but the city sheet. Don't fool yourself, finding the right objects can be harder than you think. A lot of families already died trying, you can bet. But I trust in you. I know this shelter will become a beautiful city and maybe our children will be the mayors of it someday. Let's hope for the best!

This game is avaliable in two languages, Brazilian Portuguese and English. Both are in A4 paper and have versions with and without bleed.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This is a crunchy, two-page city-builder / post-apocalyptic survival game, and it's fantastic.

You play as a family foraging in the ruins, trying to gather enough supplies to start rebuilding vital infrastructure, and while the GM will have to be semi-comfortable freewheeling encounters, opportunities, and NPCs, overall the gameplay is kind of like Agricola---which makes it an instant favorite for me.

If there's one thing I'd like to see added to the game, it's a sample explorable location with sites listed, a table of possible combat and non-combat encounters, and a few example items. However, it's pretty simple for a GM to be able to throw one of these together on their own.

Overall, if you like city-builders and survival games, I would highly encourage checking this one out. It fits a lot of cool design into two pages, and I'd love to see more material for this engine and setting.

Minor Issues w/ English Player Version:

-Page 1, "Choose a type of improvement" the meaning here might be a little clearer if you add "to work on"

-Page 2, Solving Tests, what kind of dice is rolled? What is the most common TN?

-Page 2, Supplies/Needs, should this be "if you do not have enough supplies, you gain an exhaustion for every family member you cannot feed?"

-Page 2, Family, do you count as a family member? i.e. does the player have 3 max exhaustion?


I love this pamphlet. I was wondering if you could fix the header that says "ITENS" on the 2nd page. I believe it should say "ITEMS"

I was wondering if you could update that?

Hello. I will correct the error. Sometimes mistakes in translations are in similar words. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries!

How many players is it recommended for? Does it require a GM?

Hi. 1 GM and 4 players.

Mad Max + Simcity! 

Somehow this tabletop RPG is between Mad Max and Simcity! I love how the game makes us think the cost of building a solid community. How many lives we're gonna waste to the dream of having our own home?

Pretty clever!

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